Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Stands Galore...

Gear4DJs now offers a range of laptop stands ideal for the travelling DJ. The range includes simple but effective laptop platforms all the way to integrated MIDI controller and laptop stands. All the stands are manufactured to the highest quality and are easy to set-up and use. We at Gear4DJs are so confident in the build quality of these stands that they now come with a full 1 year warranty. Browse below to see what stand best fits your needs... 

Magma Riser – This is a compact, flat-folding, and lightweight DJ stand. At only 800 grams dead weight and 1.5cm high when folded it is the ideal travel companion. With adjustable heights of 10, 17, 21 or 25 cm and with a non-slip rubber surface the stand can handle any set-up required. With a 25x25cm platform the Riser can also accommodate small controllers or even an Apple iPad. 

Magma Traveller – This is a sturdy, extremely lightweight and foldaway DJ laptop stand which can accommodate 13 to 17” laptops. Space underneath the main platform becomes available when fully constructed to a height of 23cm, and is perfect for housing other DJ equipment such a MIDIControllers, iPads or CD Decks. Constructed from an aluminium alloy the Traveller can easily hold the weight of any set-up placed upon it.

Magma Control - This is a sturdy DJ equipment stand and is perfect for studio, club installations, as well as home use and can be placed over your existing DJ setup. With two parallel shelves the stand is designed to hold a 13 to 17” laptop above and behind a MIDI controller. This is then designed to be placed over an existing set-up such a mixer to save on space and solve the age old question: where do I put my controller?  The slightly angled controller and laptop platforms are both individually adjustable in height and width to find the right position for any controller setup.

Gear4DJs Table Top Trigger Stand – This is a very stable, all purpose, cost effective stand and can be assembled very easy and fits into nearly every DJ bag. The height of the stand can be adjusted in 4 steps to suit your needs. Notebooks of every size can be put on top of this very strong stand

Friday, 1 March 2013

It's a Blinder...

Gear4DJs presents the American DJ Xenon Strobe. This old school analogue effect thumps out an impressive 1.5 kW of power, producing a strobe powerful enough to light up an entire audience! This is thanks to the in-built lamp which can reach brightness levels that far out way that of LED strobes. There is no messing around with DMX on the Xenon either; just plug it in and away you go. This however does not mean there is no control over the Xenon; there is a space for a 6.3mm strobe controller on the back and a flash speed adjustment dial as well. Set the Xenon from 1-12 flashes per second depending on how brave you are! Gear4DJs would highly recommend this old school strobe not only for its simple set-up and ease of use, but for its eye watering power.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Lets Get Moving

Gear4DJs presents the new American DJ X-Move 25R. This lightweight, 6.2 Kg moving head is perfect for the travelling DJ, offering everything you would expect from a moving head twice its size, but for half the price! Fitted with a 25W Cree LED, the X-Move lights up a room; filling it with 6 rotating gobos. Add to this a separate gobo and colour wheel you get a professional grade moving head that can produce hundreds of combinations of colours and gobos, making the possibilities endless! The X-Move also boasts a host of features common to all high grade effects lights, such as full DMX control and sound active modes. Non DMXers do not do not fear, the X-Move has an array of features that operate off of a handy LED display on the back. One of the best features of the X-Move is the built in light shows. Not only are the shows themselves great, showing off all the colours and gobos in different fashions, but they are specifically designed for where the X-Move is mounted. One show for example has truss mounting in mind, the X-Move only rotates 90 degrees meaning whatever is behind the truss isn’t lit up. These clever little features are one of many reasons why Gear4DJs recommends the ADJX-Move. Plus with free next day delivery from Gear4DJs you can get the new X-Move quickly and cheaply!